In 2013, Scott Brown was serving in Afghanistan. His wife Jennifer Love Brown was at home with their then 4-year-old daughter Alyssa and 14-month-old son Liam. The kids obviously missed their marine father, so Jennifer bought them a daddy doll which had a full sized picture of their dad on it in order to help the kids cope while their father served in Afghanistan.

Here’s the video of Jennifer giving the doll to their daughter Alyssa.

Alyssa’s face glows at the image of her marine father.

Here’s what her mom said on Youtube:

Alyssa had a very hard time dealing with her Daddy’s deployment to Afghanistan, so her father, Scott Brown, & I bought Alyssa a Deployment Daddy Doll. I sent his full body photo into this Daddy Dolls; they put the photo onto a stuffed doll that is designed to help children cope with deployment separation. Alyssa carried around a framed photo of her & Daddy’s last day at the beach before he left, so I thought this would be a bit more comforting. Liam (at 11 mos) has really taken to as well it to our surprise & joy. 🙂

Luckily for 4 year old Alyssa, her parents had an even bigger surprise in store for her at Disneyland later that year. Alyssa made a wish (with Snow White’s help) that her daddy would come home. Luckily for Alyssa, Disneyland is a pretty magical place. See for yourself.

Alyssa knelt down next to Snow Whites magical well and wished that her father would come home from Afghanistan. The next thing she knew, Marine Lt. Scott Brown was standing on the other side of the magical well waiting for his hug.

Here’s what Alyssa’s mother had to say.

Alyssa (4 yrs old) & her baby brother Liam (14 mos) had a big surprise waiting for them at Disneyland – their Marine father who just returned from Afghanistan!

And here’s a video from one year later when Alyssa, Liam, Jennifer and Scott all returned to Disney Land one more time to thank Sleeping Beauty for all their help in making one little girl very happy.

That night as Dad tucked Alyssa into bed, she put both hands on the side of his face & said, “Daddy, my wish came true.”

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