Need motivation to get in shape? This video shows what you can do when you put your mind to it.

The video was taken on July 12th 2014 in London. This guy races the London Underground from Mansion House station to Cannon Street station.

From Youtube:

Race the Tube. Mansion House to Cannon Street. On the Circle line. 1 minute 20 seconds to beat the train. 380 meters on foot. 2 ticket barriers. 75 steps.

380 meters is approximately .24 miles. .24 miles in 80 seconds is a 5 and a half minute mile for those of you wondering. Pretty impressive considering he ran up stairs, down stairs, through turnstiles, and avoided both car and pedestrian traffic along the way. He even used a ticket in the second station, which means this guy is not only in awesome shape, but he’s honest too.

He gets in the train at the second station just before it pulls away and the whole train cheers wildly when he succeeds. Good for you mate.

Apparently he wasn’t the only person who thought racing a train was a good idea. Here’s another video of a guy racing a train, this time in a Sonic the Hedgehog costume.

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