Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley  was an American singer-songwriter and guitarist who lived from November 17, 1966 – May 29, 1997. Buckley spent ten years as a session guitarist in Los Angeles before moving to NYC and gaining a following in his early twenties by playing cover songs at venues in Manhattan’s East Village.

Buckley eventually signed to Columbia Records, and for his 1994 debut album “Grace”, recorded the best rendition of “Hallelujah” the world has ever seen. Unfortunately – this would be one of Jeff’s last gifts to the world; he died in 1997 at the age of thirty of an accidental drowning while swimming in a channel of the Mississippi River.


Hallelujah is a song by Canadian singer/guitarist Leonard Cohen. It was first released on his 1984 album Various Positions. It has been re-recorded by many different artists including Jeff Buckley, Anand Bhatt, Rufus Wainwright, and Damien Rice.