Photographer Ryan Deboodt took this amazing video of the Hang Son Doong caves in Vietnam, filming the journey using a GoPro attached to a drone. Hang Son Doong is the world’s largest cave and was first explored by British Cavers in 2009. This is some of the first footage of the cave seen by the outside world.

Here’s some more information on the cave.

Hang Son Doong Cave

  • The name “Son Doong” cave means “mountain river cave”.
  • It was created 2-5 million years ago by river water eroding away the limestone underneath the mountain.
  • Where the limestone was weak, the ceiling collapsed creating huge skylights.
  • A large, fast-flowing underground river still exists in the cave.
  • The caves were originally discovered in 1991 by a local Vietnamese man.
  • Loud whistling winds combined with the roar of a rushing stream coming from the cave kept locals from entering.
  • The cave wasn’t officially explored until British Cavers explored it in 2009.

If you’re interested in visiting, the first group of tourists explored the cave in 2013 at the cost of $3,000 each! Future exploration trips are currently planned. You can find more information on the Son Doong Cave website!

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