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Jimmy and Billie Breland (Photo: Cliff Sims)

Billie Breland recently passed away at the age of 83. When she passed away she left behind one final message for her husband of 60 years. Her grandson Cliff Sims recently published an article telling this amazing story. Here’s what he had to say.

“She was an avid note writer. Every photo on the walls of their home is meticulously documented. She wrote down funny things that happened or quotes she wanted to remember, all in the perfect cursive handwriting that could only belong to a school teacher.

We don’t know exactly when she did it, but she left one final note tucked inside her checkbook — but this one wasn’t for her, it was for my Grandaddy, and it perfectly sums up the hope and comfort that comes with knowing you’ll meet again in eternity.”

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The note says,

Please don’t cry because I died!

Smile because I lived!

Know that I’m in a happy place!

Know that we will meet again!

I’ll see you there!

A great reminder for anyone who’s ever lost someone.

Story and photo via Cliff Sims.

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