Dad Tells Dirty Joke.

Geoff Fox is a well known Connecticut meteorologist, and his 86 year old dad told him this dirty joke while out getting ice cream. The video is hilarious but if you prefer to read, here’s the joke.

A penguin is driving his car down the road. All of a sudden he hears noises coming from the car, and he gets upset. So the first gas station he comes to, he pulls in and he says “I have a noise in my car”. The guy says “Let me take a look at it, it’ll take about an hour.” The penguin says, “ok, I see an ice cream place across the street and I like ice cream, so I’m gonna go over there”. So the penguin goes over and has ice cream. He eats the ice cream and has a good time and when he finishes he goes back and says to the mechanic, “so hows my car” and the guy says “I think you blew a seal” and the penguin goes “No no, that’s ice cream on my face”.

Video and joke courtesy Geoff Fox, Famous CT Meteorologist!

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