A Craft Beer Wedding.

Garyman99 posted this story of the coolest wedding idea for craft beer lovers.  John (the groom), has brewed beer for approximately 5 years and apparently his wife (Hitomi), is quite fond of it as well. This led to them throwing an awesome wedding that featured craft beer brewed by the groom himself. They brewed 8 different types of beer to serve at their wedding. This is a GREAT idea for any craft beer lovers out there who are getting married soon.

Brew Love Kolsch


They started with a pilsner style beer for all those regular beer loving plebians who attended. Great idea, because not everyone likes HOPS.


Ale You Need is Love


Love and good beer is really all you need. This pale mild ale was named after the Beatles song that Hitomi walked down the aisle to.


Tied the “Nut” Brown



This beer sounds quite painful, and I’m hoping it wasn’t referencing their wedding night. This is the darkest beer they brewed for their wedding. Mild enough for light beer drinkers, but body and complexity for those who love their beers a big “bigger”.

Albert Ale-r Session


This couple bonds over sax music and good beer. Quite the couple. This is a session pale ale with a nice hop profile that provides a crisp understated flavor.


‘Tis the Wedding Saison!


Here’s a beer comparable to Blue Moon, which even craft brew lovers can appreciate. It’s John’s most brewed recipe and one of their favorites.


Newlyred Ale


They almost named this Irish red ale “Red Wedding Ale,” from the Game of Thrones, but decided not to jinx their wedding. For those not in the know, the “Red Wedding” on Game of Thrones was a major episode where tons of people die in an extremely gory manner. It’s probably a good idea they ditched that name for this wedding beer.



Hopp-ily Ever After


“This is for all the hop-heads out there. A clone of the hard-to-find West Coast Pliny the Elder, this is by far the hoppiest and most alcoholic brew on the menu. With a whopping 10 ounces of hops, this packs quite a bite. Proceed with caution!”


Wheat Me at the Ale-Tar

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“This American wheat beer has a little more hop that you would expect from a typical German style Weizenbier, but still has a malty, refreshing taste with a cloudy appearance.”

The Full Monty.


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This definitely seems like an awesome wedding to attend, ESPECIALLY if you love craft beer. Kudos to Hitomi and John on your wedding and on your great idea for sharing your love of craft beer.