Albert Einstein, “My Plans For the Future”

“A happy man is too satisfied with the present to dwell too much upon the future. But on the other hand, young people especially like to contemplate bold projects. Also, it is natural for a serious young man to envision his desired goals with the greatest possible precision.

If I am lucky and successfully pass my examinations, I shall enroll in the polytechnical school in Zurich. I shall stay there four years to study mathematics and physics. I suppose I will become a teacher of these branches of natural science, opting for the theoretical part of these sciences.

Here are my reasons that have induced me to this plan. They are, most of all, my individual inclination for abstract and mathematical thinking, lack of imagination and practical sense. My desires also led me to the same decision. This is quite natural; everybody likes to do that for which he has a talent. Besides, I am also much attracted by a certain independence offered by the scientific profession.” – Albert Einstein

Fun Fact: He wrote this┬ápaper on┬áSeptember 18, 1896 between 2 – 4pm [According to his notes]

Source: The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein: The early years, 1879-1902 Volume 1

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