“This song is called, “You and I”. Sometimes you have to let your loved one know that they’re special. When I wrote this song I was thinking about when Chrissy and I go on date night, and sometimes there’s all this pressure to look so good, and everyone’s going to see you. But this song was just letting her know that before all the makeup and all those fancy clothes, she’s already perfect in my eyes… It’s called ‘You and I’… You fix your make up, just so… Guess you don’t know, that you’re beautiful. Try on every dress that you own. You were fine in my eyes a half hour ago.”

– John Legend

John Legend is a nine time Grammy award winner with a net worth of about $30 million dollars. He is singing to his wife, Chrissy Teigen, a verified beauty that graced the cover of 2014’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. They are a young, good looking and wildly successful couple, and yet, John still felt the need to write Chrissy a song reminding her she’s beautiful.

There is a lesson in that. Everyone is insecure in some way, and it is an act of kindness to remind someone of the inherently beautiful qualities that you see every day, that they may forget. No matter how successful or beautiful someone is, it is very likely that they question their beauty and self worth just as often as any other “normal” person. All humans want to be loved, and reminding someone that they are is always a good way to improve your day.

So all men, take a few minutes today to remind the women in your life that they’re beautiful. Even if they have rolling pins in their hair and look like they just woke up. Say it anyways.

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