Here’s a video of Lauren O’Brien¬†impersonating celebrities stuck in traffic.

From Youtube:

My impression of what 14 different celebrities do when they’re stuck in traffic. From the Instagram “series” I started doing at @thelaurenobrien.. Featuring Ellen DeGeneres, Sofia Vergara, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift & more.

Here are the celebrities impersonated in traffic… in order of appearance.

1. Drew Barrymore
2. Ellen DeGeneres
3. Sofia Vergara
4. Lois Griffin (Family Guy)
5. Olsen Twins (Mary-Kate & Ashley)
6. Katie Holmes
7. Miley Cyrus
8. Kim Kardashian
9. Mindy Kaling
10. Kristen Stewart
11. Lena Dunham
12. Anne Hathaway
13. Taylor Swift
14. Angelina Jolie

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