YOU think in words – with words you talk, command, appeal, convince, persuade. Study words so that you can use them significantly, effectively, worthily. Study them in your dictionary and in the works of standard writers. Be discriminating in your use of words.

Make lists of the best words and incorporate them in your daily speech. Begin with a list like this: Extenuate, revere, beguile, poignant, admirable, trenchant, umbrage, incredulity, facetious, sequestered, vagary, fidelity, obliquity, radiance, fantastic, ubiquitous, dissent, rectitude, duplicity, illustrious, fragile, chronicle, voracious, meticulous, scrupulous, lucid, venerate, aversion, ingenuous.

Daily study of words is a delightful and profitable pastime.

Picture: Lauren Peng