Hockey Player Gets 7 Meows During Intermission Interview.

If you haven’t seen the original from the movie Super Troopers, here’s what the meow game is.

The Super Troopers start things off strong with 10 meows.

And here’s what Ray Kaunisto of the Kalamazoo Wings of the ECHL did during a pregame interview.

That’s right, Ray Kaunisto got 7 meows in during intermission at a hockey game. Pretty impressive, isn’t it meow?

Yeah right meow we came out, hit a few guys quickly there. We gotta get in the corners meow and maybe pass the puck a couple more times down the neutral zone there meow.

“Right meow our focus is on banking as many points meow, right now we’re doing a pretty good job there.”

“Thanks meow”.

This video is probably the only reason anyone is going to watch an ECHL intermission interview, so good job Ray Kaunisto.