Bill Gates and Warren Buffet actually started an altruistic campaign called The Giving Pledge, which encourages the wealthy to donate the majority of their funds upon their death. As of right now, 127 billionaire/former billionaires have signed on. George Lucas is one of those people.

When George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney, he pledged the majority of the $4.05 billion proceeds to educational charities. Lucas is the chairman of Edutopia, which is part of the George Lucas Educational Foundation. After the sale Lucas said,

“For 41 years, the majority of my time and money has been put into the company,”  “As I start a new chapter in my life, it is gratifying that I have the opportunity to devote more time and resources to philanthropy.”

Here are George Lucas’ quotes on Education from a 2010 letter he wrote after signing on to Bill Gates and Warren Buffett‘s Giving Pledge.

George Lucas’ on Education

“Storytellers are teachers and communicators who speak a universal language. That was Homer’s primary role, and both Plato and Aristotle used narratives and dialogues as a means of educating. Good storytelling is based on truths and insights, and a good storyteller is ultimately a teacher – using the arts as a means of making education emotionally meaningful. These are all tools at our educational system’s disposal, but too often we aren’t making use of them.

It’s scary to think of our education system as little better than an assembly line with producing diplomas as its only goal.  Once I had the means to effect change in this arena, it became my passion to do so – to promote active, life-long learning.  I believe in the artisan school of learning, through apprenticeships and Aristotelian questions and discussion. This level of engagement dates back to the beginning of human life, but it’s still the best way of doing things. There have to be universal standards – particularly in education – and while it seems unwieldy, there is a willingness among educators to share their best practices.

Ultimately, that is why I created Edutopia and the George Lucas Educational Foundation.

I am dedicating the majority of my wealth to improving education.  It is the key to the survival of the human race.  We have to plan for our collective future – and the first step begins with the social, emotional, and intellectual tools we provide to our children.  As humans, our greatest tool for survival is our ability to think and to adapt – as educators, storytellers, and communicators our responsibility is to continue to do so.”

George Lucas

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Image: FiDalwood

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