Adam Sandler began doing stand up comedy at the age of 17, when he spontaneously took the stage at a Boston comedy club and found he had a natural comedic talent. Sandler continued to nurture his stand up skills while at NYU by performing at New York comedy clubs.

During his freshman year, Sandler snagged a recurring role as Theo Huxtable’s friend on The Cosby Show. He then earned a role on MTV’s tv show Remote ControlHere are some early videos of a young Adam Sandler doing stand up comedy.

“I had my moments of being humiliated, and then I had moments of doing something humiliating. I’m glad I lived out both roles.” – Adam Sandler

“My comedy is different every time I do it. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.” – Adam Sandler

As of 2015, Sandler’s films have grossed over $2 billion at the box office. He continues to act in blockbuster comedies and runs the film and television company, Happy Madison Productions.

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